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Welcome to SplitDivision Web Design Studio!
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Kelowna Web Design

Hello! SplitDivision Studios is a web design and marketing firm based in Kelowna BC.We build products that are both powerful and simple.

Our team believes in simplicity. We’re committed to delivering products and services that accomplish the goals of the user without unnecessary crud. Less confusion, less training, less support, and most importantly less stress.

Simplicity converts regular users into loyal customers.

We’re also a full service company which means fewer headaches for you – one company to manage your entire array of internet, print and marketing needs. We’re confident in our expertise and believe that we play an important role in today’s business environment. Start a small pilot project with us today and get a feel for what we bring to the table.


Hello!We offer a wide range of services all dealing with your companies online and offline presents. We are able to create print material such as business cards, posters, portable displays, flyers, and magazine ads.

We also take care of any online solutions like application development, animations, web design & development, portals & directories, Content management, and lots more!

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SplitDivision is Back!

Latest Work

PC Bang - Latest Work

The PC Bang Internet & LAN gaming company approached SplitDivision in 2008 and asked us to create a new website/portal for them that would provide users with content specific to stores in certain areas, and allow them…

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